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East West MMA SoCal Reviews

  • Robert Van, East West MMA SoCal Testimonials

    My wife and I visited every local Dojo looking for THE BEST Martial Arts school for our daughter. We chose East West MMA and could not have made a better choice. The Instructors instill discipline and respect while maintaining a fun and engaging environment for students of all ages.
    East West; YOU ROCK!

    Robert Van
  • Christine Sivilay, East West MMA SoCal Testimonials

    This studio is a great. They have great instructors and teach at very high standard. I've been going to this studio for 4-5 years

    Christine Sivilay
  • Mary E., East West MMA SoCal Testimonials

    My daughter started coming here a year ago. she has several behavioral struggles, as she has ADHD and a sensory processing disorder. since we started coming here, my daughters overall behavior has slowly but steadily improved. Even on days when she drags her feet about going (rare, but it does happen) she never fails to leave the studio smiling, full of self confidence and pride in her accomplishments. what I love most about this school, is the way the instructors work with all their students with kindness and compassion, and adapt teaching techniques n order to fit the needs of each child. A child that may be full of self doubt will leave this studio having accomplished their goals, and willing to reach for higher ones. The schools values of honesty, integrity, self disciple, compassion, and confidence are instilled in each lesson, so that students learn a sport, learn self defense, and learn to be morally driven individuals in society all at the same time.

    Mary E.
  • L.M., East West MMA SoCal Testimonials

    Best place.  Best instructors.  My family thinks this place is the bomb!  They keep the kids interested while teaching great lessons. Don't think just join.

  • Jennifer Teti-Burroughs, East West MMA SoCal Testimonials

    This is a wonderful program, with great teachers! The kids are taught so many different skills as well as wonderful life skills! If you are looking for a great well rounded program for you kid, we highly recommend them!

    Jennifer Teti-Burroughs

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